Lodge St Andrew No: 1437 S.C.  Singapore
Regular Lodge Meeting: 3rd Monday of each month - Dress Code Black Tie Formal - Tyle @ 6:30pm
It   is   always   an   occasion,   when   someone   is   initiated   into   the   Lodge.   When   that someone   is   your   son,   a   Lewis,    it   is   a   particularly   momentous   occasion;   especially for   the   father.   And   so   it   was,   on   that   special   evening   of   17 th    August   2015 ,   when Brother   Dr.   G.   V.   Nair    initiated   his   son,   Arun   Nair,   into   his   mother   lodge,   S t. Andrew No. 1437 S.C. , in a poignant and moving ceremony. One   could   almost   feel   the   expectancy   and   excitement   in   the   air   upon   entry   into the   temple.   There   was   more   than   the   usual   number   of   brethren   present.   Certainly there   were   more   visitors   and   from   all   the   different   constitutions.   The   colours   of their   aprons   would   attest   to   this.   There   were   the   red   and   green   of   the   Murray   of Tullibardine   Tartan    of   St   Andrew,   the   dark   green   livery   of   Ailsa,   the   bright   red against   the   somber   Black   Watch   Tartan    of   Mount   Faber   and   a   whole   variety   of light   and   dark   blues   of   the   various   English   and   Irish   lodges   in   attendance.   There was   even   a   grand   officer   from   the   Grand   Lodge   of   India   present.   They   had   come to witness a rare event, at least in Lodge St. Andrew – the initiation of a Lewis. Having   opened   the   Lodge   in   his   usual   modest   and   efficient   style,   Right   Worshipful Master,   Brother   Marcus   Wong   graciously   yielded   the   chair   to   Brother   G.   V.   Nair and   invited   him   to   conduct   the   First   Degree   working   for   the   initiation   of   his   son, Arun.   An   emotionally   charged   Brother   Nair,   who   in   spite   of   having   vacated   the chair   of   Lodge   St.   Andrew   some   fourteen   years   ago,   carried   out   the   ceremony impeccably    with    great    fatherly    pride    and    affection.    Every    brother    who    was present   was   touched   and   inspired   by   what   they   have   witnessed.   Well   done, Brother Nair. Brother   Arun   takes   after   his   father   in   many   ways.   He   is   suave,   intelligent   and erudite.   Not   only   is   he   now   a   mason,   he   is   also   a   doctor-in-the-making,   a   fourth year   medical   student   at   the   University   of   Glasgow.   Brother   Arun   is   obviously knowledgeable    about    freemasonry.    His    enthusiastic    participation    and    keen attention   during   the   initiation   ceremony   augurs   well   for   a   bright   future   in   the Craft. He will be a good brother among us. Bro. Yip Wing Kong WSDGM - Singapore
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My Son, My Brother
RWM Bro Marcus Wong (LSA-2014/2015), Bro Arun Nair, Bro Dr. Vijayan Nair