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Masonic Poetry A Real Mason - Frank Baer A Mason’s Wife - Unknown The Level and The Square - Rob Morris The Meaning Of The Word Brother - Bill Armstrong What is Freemasonry - Unknown The Master’s Apron - Rober Burns
The Road of Masonry Author:- Douglas Malloch Men build a road of Masonry Across the hills and dales, Unite the prairie and the sea, The mountains and the vales, They cross the chasm, bridge the stream, They point to where the turrets gleam, And many men for many a day Who seek the heights shall find the way. Men build a road of Masonry, But not for self they build: With footsteps of humanity The hearts of men are thrilled. This music makes their labor sweet: The endless tramp of other feet, The thought that men shall travel thus An easier road because of us. We build the road of Masonry With other men in mind; We do not build for you and me, We build for all mankind. We build a road! - remember, men, Build not for Now, but build for Then, And other men who walk the way Shall find the road we built today. Who builds the road of Masonry, Though small or great his part, However hard the task may be, May toil with singing heart. For it is something, after all, When muscles tire and shadows fall, To know that other men shall bless The builder for his faithfulness.
Audio Links Below are some selectios of Masonic Songs for listerning pleasure Video Links Below are some selections of Masonic videos which gives some background and history. Just double-click the thumbnail and the video will apear on the screen and you then start playing.
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Resource Centre Masons may be divided into two classes; those who take Masonry as a matter of course, and those who confront it with the eyes of inquiry and wonder.