Lodge St Andrew No: 1437 S.C.  Singapore
Masonic Reflections Introduction Masonic   Reflections   are   lectures   presented   by   Brethren   on   a Masonic   topic   appropriate   for   all.   It   started   with   lectures   after each   degree   workings   in   2008.   Due   to   time   constraints   during the    workings    of    the    First    and    Third    Degrees,    the    Masonic Reflections   are   now   delievered   during   the   end   of   the   Second Degree workings at Lodge St Andrew beginning in 2009. The    lectures    are    presented    by    either    Brethren    of    Lodge    St Andrew   or   from   a   invited   speaker   or   guest   from   other   lodges. This   presentation   is   normally   a   paper   that   the   presenter   has researched   or   a   topic   that   is   close   to   his   heart   that   is   shared for knowledge among the Brethren. Below   are   some   of   the   lectures   presented   during   the   course   of various    years.    The    tiles    shown    below    are    hyperlinks    to webspages all you have to do is double click the title. Masonic Reflections - 2008 1 . Masonic    Reflection     -    PM    Bro    T    Thirumoorthy    -    21st January 2008 2 . North   East   Corner    -   PM   Bro   Guy   Demierre   -   18th   February 2008 3 . Who Is Boaz?  - PM Bro Yip Wing Kong - 17th March 2008 4 . Masonic   Signifcance   of The   Cable Tow    -   Bro   David   Chew   - 21st April 2008 5 . Why   Do   We   Square   The   Lodge   &   Other   Lodges   Do   Not?    - PM Bro Robert Craiu - 25th May 2008 6 . What   Are   Cowans   &   Why   Are   They   Excluded   From   The Lodge?  - PM Bro Robert Craiu - 25th May 2008 7 . Our   Blind   Spots   -   PM   Bro   Nicholas   Cheong   Fook   Hing   - 16th June 2008 8 . Experience   of   Freemasonry    -   Bro   Peter   Hazelwood   -   21st July 2008 9 . The   Light   of   a   Master   Mason    -   Bro   David   Chew   -   18th August 2008 1 0 . The    EA’s    Handbook     -    PM    Bro    Robert    Craiu    -    15th September 2008 Masonic Reflections - 2009 1 . Relieve    Their    Necessities     -    PM    Bro    Kish    Ranai    -    10th March 2009 2 . Symbolism  - Bro Galen Hogan - 18th May 2009 3 . The   Tao   of   Freemasonry    -   PM   Bro   Quah   Soon   Tong   -   13th October 2009
Regular Lodge Meeting: 3rd Monday of each month - Dress Code Black Tie Formal - Tyle @ 6:30pm
Robert Burns (25 January 1759  21 July 1796)
The Master’s Apron Author:- Bro Robert Burns There’s many a badge that’s very grand, With ribbon, lace and tape on, Let kings and princes ware them all, Give me the Master’s apron! The honest craftsman’s apron, The jolly Freemason’s apron, Be at home or roam afar, Before his touch fall bolt and bar, The gates of fortune fly ajar, When he but wears the apron! For wealth and honor, pride and power Are crumbling stones to base on, Eternity should rule the hour, and every worthy Mason! Each Free Accepted Mason, Each Ancient Crafted Mason. The Brethren, let a wholesome song, Arouse your friendly ranks along. Good wives and children blithely sing To the ancient badge with the apron string That is worn by the Master Masons!
When is a man a mason?.... when he knows that down in his heart every man is as noble as himself, and seeks to know,  to forgive, and to love his fellowmen Masonic Reflections