Lodge St Andrew No: 1437 S.C.  Singapore
Regular Lodge Meeting: 3rd Monday of each month - Dress Code Black Tie Formal - Tyle @ 6:30pm
Masonic  News Magazines
The Northern Light Published   since   1970,   The   Northern   Light    is the   premiere   magazine   of Scottish    Rite    Masonry    in    America .    The    magazine    is    delivered quarterly    to   every   member   of   the   Northern   Masonic   Jurisdiction   and distributed world-wide to other Supreme Councils and subscribers.
Freemasonry Today The   official   Journal   of   the   United   Grand   Lodge   of   England    (UGLE). UGLE   is   the   governing   body   of   Freemasonry   in   England,   Wales   and   the Channel   Islands.   Its   headquaters   are   at   Freemasons’   Hall,   Great   Queen Street, London WC2B 5AZ. The   Freemasonry   Today    magazine   is   published   quarterly    in   March, June,     September     and     December     and     can     be     viewed     on     the Freemasonry   Today    website.   Annual   subscriptions   for   the   magazine   are available   to   all   those   who   wish   to   receive   the   printed   copy   and   can   be applied for on the Freemasonry Today  website. All   members   of   UGLE,   who   are   subscribing   members   of   a   Lodge   in London   and   the   Provinces,   receive   a   copy   of   each   edition   free   of   charge. If   you   are   such   a   member   and   are   not   receiving   your   copy,   then   please contact Freemasonry Today .
The Clansman The    official    Journal    of    the    District    Grand    Lodge    of    the    Middle    East   (DGLME)   holding   under   the   Grand   Lodge   of   Antient,   Free   and   Accepted Masons   of   Scotland.   The   Clansman   magazine   is   published   three   times    a year and can be viewed at the DGLME website with member access. Below are some back issues:
The Provincial Patter The    official    Journal    of    the    Provinical    Grand    Lodge    of    Ross    and Cromarty ,    Scoland    (PGLRC).    The    Provicial    Patter    magazine    is    a quarterly    publication   and   can   be   viewed   at   the   PGLRC   website.   It   is usually    out    during    the    months    of    February,    May,    August    and November .   The   editor   of   this   magazine   is   Bro   Ramsay   McGhee   who   is also    Lodge    St    Andrew’s    Proxy    Master.    He    also    the    current    Grand Director of Ceremonies of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.
Freemasonry is an order whose leading star is philanthropy,  and whose principles inculcate an unceasing devotion  to the cause of virtue and morality.