Lodge St Andrew No: 1437 S.C.  Singapore
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Lodge St Andrew’s Petition 29th January 1949
Events Leading to the Consecration The   consecration   of   Lodge   St   Andrew   was   mooted   in   1948.   It   was   historic   year   for Malaya   (as   it   was   then   called)   and   Singapore,   then   a   British   Crown   Colony.   The   British had   declared   that   Malaya   and   Singapore   were   in   a   state   of   Emergency   because   of   the communist insurgency and Singapore had its first election in the Legislative Council. Masonry   was   very   active.   It   was   then   felt   that   owing   to   the   increasingly   heavy   demands on   Lodge   Ailsa   No.   1172   SC,   the   only   Scottish   Lodge   working   in   Singapore,   a   second Scottish Lodge would not only be of service to the Craft but would be a real necessity. During     this     period,     notwithstanding     the     inevtibale     transfers,     home     leaves     and retirements   of   members   of   the   several   Lodges   of   the   District,   Scottish   Freemansonry   in Malaya   and   Indonesia   was   returning   to   its   pre-war   strength.   All   the   Scottish   Lodges were   working   with   the   exception   of   Lodge   Powell   No.   1302   in   Surabaya.   It   was   felt   that the   conditions   in   Indonesia   were   then   not   conducive   for   the   rehabilitation   of   Lodge Powell. In   the   minutes   of   the   Annual   Communication   of   the   District   Grand   Lodge   of   the   Middle East    on    29th    January    1949,    the    status    of    Lodge    membership    in    the    District    was recorded as follows: Lodge Initiations Affiliations Total Strength Scotia - 4 47 Tullibardine 5 8 45 Ailsa 9        10        103 Java - 4 13 Powell - - - Ionic 1 2 25 Lodge    Alisa     report     for     the     year ending   28th   February   1949   showed   that the   Lodge   had   109   members,   of   whom   9 were   initiated   and   8   were   affiliated   during the    year.    The    average    attendance    was 40%   meeting   while   visitors   averaged   20% per   meeting.   Accordingly,   at   the   regular meeting   of   Lodge   Ailsa   No.   1172   SC    held in    October    1948,    the    formation    of    a second   Scottish   Lodge   in   Singapore   was duly   sanctioned.   Formal   approval   was   given   to   the   petitioners   at   its   regular   meeting   on 1st November 1948.
Meetings of the Pro-tem Committee At   a   pro-tem   meeting   of   Petitioners   held   on   8th   December   1948 ,   following   the   granting of   sanction   of   Lodge   Ailsa   No.   1172   SC   and   later   of   Lodge   Scotia   No   1003   SC ,   it   was decided   to   prepare   and   submit   for   the   consideration   of   District   Grand   Lodge   a   petition for   the   formation   in   Singapore   of   a   new   Lodge   owing   allegiance   to   teh   Grand   Lodge   of Scotland. Bro   V.N.   Wade   proposed   and   Bro   I.A.   MacLachlan   seconded   that   the name   of   the   Lodge   be   known   as   Lodge   St   Andrew ”   and   this   was approved   by   a   majority   of   the   Brethren   present.   Several   Brethren were   selected   as   office-bearers   for   the   purpose   of   the   Petition   and Charter.   Bro   Harold   Cushing   Faxon    was   selected   the   Charter   and Right Worshipful Master. At      the      second      meeting      of Petitioners       held       on       27th January    1949 ,    Bro    V.N.    Wade propsed   and   Bro   Walter   Wearne   seconded   that the     Lodge     colours     be     Murray    Atholl    Tartan . Collars   and   sashes   Green   as   in   Ailsa;   apron   be boarded   with   Murray   Rholl   Tartan .   the   design   for the     Lodge     crest     proposed     by     Bro     J.H.M. Summers was accepted. The   Petition   was   to   be   submitted   to   the   District   Grand   Lodge   ar   its   Communication   to be   held   on   29th   January   1949.   Bro   F.S.   Rickard   suggested   that   the   Standard   Scottish Ritual   be   purchased   immediately.   Lodge   Bylaws   were   drafted.   Founders   Fee   for   the Scottish brethren was S$35.00 and for the non-Scottish brethren was $45. Petition Approved by District Grand Lodge Petition Approved by Grand Lodge The   Petition   was   forwarded   in   due   course   to   the   Grand   Lodge   of   Scotland,   supported by   signature   of   98   Brethren. The   Charter   of   Lodge   St   ndrew   No.   1437   was   sealed   by   the Most Worshipful the Grand Master Mason on 5th May 1949 .
“The     Right     Worshipful     Brother     E.V.C.     Thomson proposed    “That    this    District    Grand    Lodge    of    the Middle    East    recommend    the    Petition    of    a    requisite number    of    duly    qualified    Master    Masons    to    erect anothet   Lodge   in   Singapore   holding   under   the   Grand Lodge   of   Scotland   which   Petition   has   already   been recommended   by   the   Masters   and   Wardens   of   Lodge Scotia   No.   1003   and   Lodge   Ailsa   No.   1172   under   Law 145   of   the   Constitutions   and   Laws   of   the   Grand   Lodge of Scotland” Worshipful      Brother      H.C.      faxon      seconded      the proposition,    which    on    being    put    to    the    vote    was carried unanimously”
Below is image copy of the Petition submitted for Approval to the Grand Lodge of Scotland
The above article and research was done by Bro Shum Siew Khoon as part of Lodge St Andrew’s 50th Anniversary Celebaration in 1999. Lodge St Andrew’s  Petition 1949 Lodge  St Andrew  Petition 1949 The world is a Lodge in which man is to learn the Brotherly Life. So Masonry reads the mystery of the world and finds its purpose, its design, its prophecy. It is a simpe faith, a profound philiosophy, and a practical way of life.
The    minutes    of    the   Annual    Communication    of    the    District Grand    Lodge    of    the    Middle    East    held    in    Penang    on    29th January 1949  read as follows: