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The Lodge Working Tools The   Working   Tools   presented   to   the   candidate   were   those   used   by   the   ancient   Operative Freemasons   in   the   erection   of   the   building   on   which   he   was   working.      To   the   Speculative Mason,   these   represent   the   moral   habits   and   forces   by   which   man   shapes   and   reshapes the essence of his human nature.  By   these   symbolic   tools,   he   also   fits   his   own   behavior   to   society   and   community.      These tools   help   cut   and   finish   the   man,   morally,   intellectually,   and   spiritually.   While   they   do   not contain   the   whole   philosophy   of   Masonry,   the   various   working   tools   allocated   to   the   three degrees,   by   their   very   presence,   declare   that   there   is   constructive   work   to   be   done;   and   by their    nature,    indicate    the    direction    this    work    is    to    take.    These    working    tools    play    a significant role in the various levels of a mason’s journey in the craft. Each   of   the   Degrees   impart   new   lessons   and   instruction,   all   are linked    to    social    virtues    of,    Faith,    Hope,    and    Charity,    The principles   of   Brotherly   Love,   Relief,   and   Truth   and   the   Cardinal virtues   of   Temperance,   Prudence,   and   Justice,   all   can   be   found in   some   measure   throughout   Masonic   Ritual.      Brethren   who take   the   time,   not   just   to   listen,   but   to   learn,   will   have   a   deeper understanding   of   what   Freemasonry   can   offer   them,   and   derive more enjoyment from the instruction. The   picture   above   shows   a   set   of   working   tools,   pertaining   to the   first   three   degrees.   The   case   and   tools   are   the   property   of the   lodge   and   the   list   of   tools   includes:   3   gavels   and   a   pencil, 24"     gauge,     plumb     rule,     level,     chisel,     mallet,     skirret,     2 compasses,    and    a    square.    The    working    tools    of    Lodge    St Andrew    was    donated,    by    Bro    William    MacDonald    founder member of the lodge in 1949. Below   are   the   tools   used   in   each   of   the   Three   Craft   Degree's with    an    explanation    of    their    meanings.    Freemasonry    is    a journey   of   self   improvement,   in   each   Degree   certain   lessons   are learnt,   the   aim   is   to   stimulate   thought,   and   to   try   and   make   a good man better, no more, and certainly no less
Lodge St Andrew’s Working Tools
1st or Entered Apprentice Degree The working tools of an Entered Apprentice Mason are the 24-inch Gauge, the Mallet and the Chisel. The 24-inch Gauge The   24-inch   Gauge   is   an   instrument   used   by   Operative   Masons   to   measure   and   lay   out   their   work   and   to   compute for   the   purpose   of   dividing   time.   It   being   divided   into   twenty-four   equal   parts,   some   in   our   usual   vocation   some   in rest,   and   some   in   recreation.   In   the   symbolic   language   of   freemasonry,   the   24-inch   Gauge   becomes   the   symbol   of "Time well spent". The Mallet The   Mallet   is   used   by   Operative   Masons   to   correct   irregularities   and   create   uniformity   within   a   structure.   In Speculative   Masonry   the   Mallet   morally   teaches   to   correct   irregularities,   and   reduce   man   to   a   proper   level;   so   that, by quiet deportment, he may, in the school of discipline learn to be content. The Chisel The   Chisel   was   used   by   Operative   Masons   to   give   due   form   and   regularity   to   the   shapeless   stone.   To   Speculative Masons   it   means   education   and   perseverance   are   needed   to   establish   perfection   which   will   finally   overcome   all difficulties    life    is    to    offer.    It    morally    demonstrates    the    advantages    of    discipline    and    education.    Just    as    the brilliance   of   the   diamond   is   revealed   by   the   skillful   use   of   the   chisel,   so   too   will   the   beauties   of   the   human   mind   be revealed through knowledge.
2nd or Fellow Craft Degree The working tools of a Fellow Craft mason are the Square, Level and Plumb-rule. The Square The   Square   is   an   implement   made   to   an   angle   of   ninety   degrees,   or   the   fourth   part   of   a   circle.   To   the   Speculative Mason   it   is   an   emblem   of   morality,   truthfulness   and   honesty.      The   direction   of   the   two   sides   of   the   Square   form   an angle   of   90°,   or   a   right   angle,   so-called   because   this   is   the   angle   which   stones   must   have   if   they   are   to   be   used   to build a stable and upright wall.  It   symbolizes   accuracy,   not   even   varying   by   a   single   degree.      When   we   part   upon   the   Square,   we   go   in   different directions,   but   in   full   knowledge   that   our   courses   in   life   will   be   going   according   to   the   angle   of   the   Square   (which means in the right direction), until we meet again. The Level The   Level   is   an   implement   used   for   testing   horizontals   and   to   the   Speculative   Mason   a   sign   of   Fraternal   equality which   should   always   be   found   in   a   Masonic   Lodge.   It   is   not   about   equality   in   wealth,   social   distinction,   civic   office, or service to mankind; but, rather, it refers to the internal, and not the external, qualifications.  Each   person   is   endowed   with   a   worth   and   dignity   which   is   spiritual,   and   should   not   be   subject   to   man-made distinctions.      Masonry   recognizes   that   one   man   may   have   greater   potential   in   life,   service,   or   reward,   than   another; but,   and   also   believe   that   any   man   can   aspire   to   any   height,   no   matter   how   great.      Thus,   the   Level   dignifies   labor and   the   man   who   performs   it.      It   also   acknowledges   that   all   men   are   equal   without   regard   to   station.      The   Level also symbolizes the passage of time. The Plumb-rule The   Plumb-rule   is   an   instrument   made   use   by   Operative   Masons   to   test   Perpendiculars;   and   to   the   speculative Mason   an   emblem   of   rectitude   of   conduct.   As   an   insecure   building   must   eventually   fall,   so   he   whose   life   is   not supported   by   an   upright   course   of   conduct   can   no   longer   sustain   a   worthy   reputation   and   must   soon   sink   beneath the estimation of every good and virtuous man. By   understanding   the   Plumb-rule,   a   Mason   is   to   judge   his   Brothers   by   their   own   standards   and   not   those   of someone   else.      When      the   plumb   line   is   thought   of   in   this   way,   it   becomes   a   symbol   of   an   upright   life   and   of   the conscience   by   which   each   person   must   live.      This   idea   is   closely   tied   to   the   concept   of   Justice.      For,   in   truth, Justice is giving another man his due.
3rd or Sublime Degree of Master Mason The working tools of Master Mason are, the Pencil, Skirret and Compasses. The Pencil The   Pencil   teaches   that   our   words   and   actions   are   not   only   observed,   but   also   recorded   by   the   Great   Architect   of the   Universe,   to   whom   we   will   one   day   have   to   render   an   account   of   our   conduct   through   our   life.   The   Pencil reminds   us   that   the   building   up   of   our   lives   and   characters   must   be   according   to   the   perfect   example   or   plan provided by the Great Architect of the Universe.  The Skirret The   Skirret   is   an   implement   that   acts   as   a   center   pin   from   which   a   line   is   unwound.   The   line   is   chalked   and   struck to   the   ground   to   mark   out   the   plans   for   an   intended   building.   So   the   Skirret   reminds   us   of   the   straight   and undeviating   line   of   conduct   marked   out   for   us.   The   skirret   represents   the   foundation   of   the   way   of   life   masons   are to   follow   as   laid   down   to   by   the   Great   Architect   —keeping   it   on   the   straight   and   narrow,   so   to   speak,   using Masonic principles. The Compasses The   Compasses   is   an   implement   consisting   of   two   movable   legs,   hinged   together   at   one   end,   used   for   describing circles,   and   by   the Architect   for   measuring   figures   in   preparing   his   plans,   enabling   him   to   give   his   designs   the   just proportions,   which   will   ensure   beauty   as   well   as   stability   to   his   work,   So   in   Speculative   Masonry,   this   implement   is Symbolic of Virtue, Morality and Brotherly Love.
Lodge St Andrew’s Working Tools Entered Apprentice Working Tools Chisel Mallet 24-inch Gauge Fellow Craft Working Tools Square Level Plumb-rule Master Mason Working Tools Pencil Compasses Skirret
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