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The Lodge Volume of the Scared Law
Lodge St Andrew’s Voulme of the Sacred Law Masonry invites to its Altar men of all faiths, knowing that, if they use different names for  ‘the Nameless One of an hundred names,’ they are yet praying to the one God and Father of all;
The   Volume   of   the   Sacred   Law   (VSL)   is   central   to   Freemasonry.   There   are   several   VSL’s   used   at   Lodge   St. Andrew, with the Christian Bible being donated by Bro J.C. McLeod in 1949 The   VSL   is   one   of   the   Three   Great   Lights   of   Freemasonry   –   along   with   the   Square   and   Compasses.   In   our Lodge   of   St.   Andrew,   the   VSL   rests   upon   the   Altar   with   the   other   two   great   lights   being   upon   it.   However   in some lodges the VSL is placed on the RWM pedestal. The   VSL   is   part   of   the   necessary   furniture   of   every   Lodge   throughout   the   world,   being   first   referred   to   as   such around   1730.   However   it   is   in   the   Colne   Manual   Script   of   about   1685,   that   the   manner   Candidates   should receive   a   charge,   oath   or   obligation   is   first   described.   Earlier   references   can   be   found   in   the   Regius   Poem (Halliwell   Manusript)   of   about   1390.   This   is   not   at   variance   with   our   teachings   of   Masonry   being   more   ancient than   the   Golden   Fleece   or   Roman   Eagle   as   Freemasonry   developed   during   the   Operative   Mason’s   guilds   that journeyed   to   build   the   Cathedrals   and   Kirk’s   of   Continental   Europe   during   the   Middle   Ages.   We   should   be mindful   that   it   wasn’t   until   the   Authorised   King   James   Version   of   the   Bible,   of   1611   (commenced   in   1604),   that   a uniform   version   of   the   Holy   Book   of   the   Christians   (that   united   the   various   Christian   sects   in   the   United Kingdom) came into existence. All   initiates,   candidates   and   officers   of   the   Lodge   are   obligated   by   an   oath   taken   and   sworn   on   the   VSL   –   which is   the   Book   of   Holy   writings   specific   to   the   religion   of   the   initiate,   candidate   or   officer.   Oath’s   and   obligations are   administered   by   placing   one’s   hands   upon   the   Book   (or   the   right   shoulder   of   one   who   has   their   hands   upon the   Book   in   the   case   of   investiture   to   office)   in   a   manner   specific   to   the   degree   you   are   working,   taking   the   oath “hereby   and   hereon”,   and   then   sealing   one’s   covenant   and   obligation   by   kissing   the   VSL   in   the   manner   of   the specific degree. In   Singapore   we   have   the   great   privilege   of   having   men   of   diverse   faith’s   become   members   of   our   Lodge,   and each of those members are obligated on the VSL of their faith. Indeed,   we   are   instructed   in   the   First   Degree   Tracing   Board   that   the   VSL   are   to   guide   our   faith   “because   by   the doctrines   contained   in   that   Holy   Book   we   are   taught   to   believe   in   the   wise   dispensations   of   Divine   Providence which   belief   strengthens   our   faith   and   enables   us   to   ascend   the   first   step”(of   Freemasonry).   They   are   to   rule and   govern   our   faith,   and   are   derived   from   God   to   man   in   general   because   “the   Almighty   has   been   pleased   to reveal more of His Divine will in that Holy Book than he has by any other means.” Further,   we   are   taught   in   the   First   Degree   Tracing   Board   that:   “   there   is   a   point   within   a   circle   from   which   a Mason    cannot    err.    This    circle    is    bounded    between    North    and    South    by    two    grand    parallels,    the    one representing   Moses   and   the   other   King   Solomon.   On   the   upper   part   of   the   circle   rests   the   VSL,   which   supports Jacob’s   ladder;   and   were   we   as   conversant   with   that   Holy   Book,   and   as   adherent   to   its   doctrines   therein contained,   as   those   two   parallels   were,   it   would   bring   us   to   Him   who   will   never   deceive   us   nor   suffer   deception from us.” Indeed,   we   are   admonished   to   make   a   study   of   the   VSL   so   as   to   regulate   and   rule   our   lives   in   a   righteous manner   –   but   note   we   are   never   dictated   which   Book   of   Holy   Writ   we   are   to   make   our   lives   study.   Therefore Freemasonry   is   a   journey   through   all   the   various   religions   of   the   world   that   worship   and   deify   the   One   true Supreme   Architect,   who   has   deigned   to   speak   through   the   ages   to   man   and   whose   words   are   contained   within the   various   VSL’s.   It   is   thus   behoves   us   to   make   a   study   the   various   VSL   so   as   to   understand   the   inclusive nature   and   teachings   of   the   Great   Architect   Of   The   Universe   (G.A.O.T.U.)   so   that   “a   Mason   (who)   keeps   himself this circumscribed, he cannot possibly err.” In   the   Charge   after   Initiation   we   are   further   admonished   “to   your   most   serious   contemplation   the   VSL,   charging you   to   consider   it   as   an   unerring   standard   of   Truth   and   Justice,   and   to   regulate   your   actions   by   the   Divine precepts   it   contains.   Therein   you   will   be   taught   the   important   duties   you   owe   to   God,   to   your   neighbour   and   to yourself.” The   Volume   of   the   Sacred   Law,   no   matter   be   it   the   Bible   or   the   Sacred   Writings   for   the   Jewish   or   Christians,   the Zendavesta    (Mhordeh    Avests)    of    the    Parsee,    the    Qur’an    of    the    Mohammedan,    the    Dhammapada    for    the Mahayana   Sect   of   Buddhism,   the   Bhagavad-Gita   for   Hindus,   or   the   Granth   Sahib   for   Sikhs   typifies   the   Mind   or Will   of   the   G.A.O.T.U.,   the   Great   First   Cause   -   the   Creator   and   Preserver   of   the      Universe   -   the      Great      Life-Giver, that Great Unknown and Unknowable which is manifested in His Universe. 
The above article and research was done by Bro Brent Allocok of Lodge St Andrew.