Lodge St Andrew No: 1437 S.C.  Singapore
Regular Lodge Meeting: 3rd Monday of each month - Dress Code Black Tie Formal - Tyle @ 6:30pm
The Lodge Gavel
Lodge St Andrew’s Masters Gavel
" Perhaps   no   lodge   appliance   or   symbol   is   possessed   of   such   deep   and   absorbing   interest   to   the   craft   as   the Master's   Mallet   or   Gavel.   Nothing   in   the   entire   range   of   Masonic   paraphernalia   and   formulary   can   boast   of   an antiquity    so    unequivocally    remote,"    according    to    Joseph    F.    Ford    in    Early    History    and    Antiquities    of Freemasonry . The   Masonic   gavel   is   an   emblem   of   authority   used   by   the   Master   of   the   lodge   to   show   his   executive   power   over the   assemblage   by   punctuating   its   actions.   In   this   capacity,   order   is   maintained   and   a   structured   outcome   to the proceedings is achieved. At   the   installation   of   a   Master   he   is   informed,   upon   being   tendered   this   implement,   that   it   constitutes   the essential   element   of   his   authority   over   the   assembled   brethren,   without   which   his   efforts   to   preserve   order   and subordination would be ineffectual. It is the symbol that inducts him into the possession of the Masonic lodge. The   gavel   is   an   instrument   common   to   the   lowest   and   the   highest   in   the   Lodge.   The   common   gavel   (mallet   in the   Scottish   lodges)   is   shown   to   each   Entered   Apprentices   to   remind   him   that   symbolically   he   should   use   it   in Freemasonry   to   divest   himself   of   the   vices   and   superfluities   of   life.   Years   later,   even   when   one   has   attained the   highest   rank   in   the   Lodge   by   becoming   its   Master,   the   same   implement   of   a   gavel   is   placed   in   his   hand   as   a reminder that we all need to continue to strive for improvements in our manner and character. Operative Mason Gavel In   the   Operative   Stonemason   era,   the   common   gavel   (or   mallet)   was   a   tool   used   to   hew   (break)   the   rough edges from the stones (ashlars) in order to perfectly fit them into place. Speculative Mason Gavel In   Speculative   Freemasonry,   the   Masonic   Gavel   is   used   to   symbolically   divest   the   heart   and   consciousness   of all   the   vices   and   superfluities   (excesses)   of   life   in   order   to   ready   ourselves   as   if   we   were   living   stones,   open   to be shaped into a spiritual being that is pleasing to our Creator. A True Masonic Gavel What   does   a   true   Masonic   Gavel   look   like?      The   head   of   the   gavel   is   rectangular,   flat   on   one   end   and   can   be slightly pinched or come to a point on the other end. The Gavel that is being used at Lodge St Andrew was donated by Bro G.R. Watt References: Gavels in Freemasonry – by Paul M Bessel - Feb 1995 Masonic Lodge of Education
Lodge St Andrew’s Gavel No man is a Master Mason,  or fit to be the Master of a lodge,  unitil he has learned to use the Gavel  with dignity, self-control and gentle skill