Lodge St Andrew No: 1437 S.C.  Singapore
Regular Lodge Meeting: 3rd Monday of each month - Dress Code Black Tie Formal - Tyle @ 6:30pm
Design of Lodge Crest The   design   of   the   original   Lodge   crest   was   proposed   by   Bro   J.H.M.   Summers,   the   Charter Director   of   Ceremony   of   the   Lodge.   Bro   Summers   went   on   to   become   the   Right   Worshipful District   Grand   Master   of   the   DGLME   from   1955-1958.   No   documents   in   our   records   were found   to   indicate   the   choice   of   the   design.   From   the   design   elements   it   can   be   surmised that the following guiding principles were adopted. The   St.   Andrew   Cross   signifies   the   origin   of   the   name   of   the   Lodge.   Saint   Andrew   being the   patron   saint   of   Scotland.   The   VSL,   Square   and   Compasses,   the   three   Great   Lights   are symbols of Freemasonry. They signify the Masonic origin and objectives of the Lodge. The   Lion   Rampant   is   drawn   from   the   Royal   Standard   of   Scotland.   This   is   not   the   national   flag   of   Scotland   but the Royal Standard of the King of Scots. It signifies Scottish origin of the Lodge. The   Lion   Passant   (one   paw   raised)   with   a   coconut   palm   tree,   probably   taken   from   the   coat   of   arms   of   the Municipal   Commission   of   Singapore   and   later   the   new   City   of   Singapore   in   1948,   is   symbolic   of   Singapore,   the Lion City.   The Scottish Thistle entwined further reinforces the Scottish heritage of the Lodge. When   the   Lodge   decided   to   use   the   original   crest   for   the   lodge   stationery,   the   original   crest   as   it   appeared   in the Lodge letterhead was blurred with age to a point beyond regognition. The   Lodge   then   commissioned   Bro   Lord   Melvin   Cole   to   reconstruct   the   current   crest   based   on   the   original   crest that   was   on   the   Lodge   Banner   and   design   found   on   the   Past   Master’s   Jewel.      This   re-designed   crest   was subsequently   used   as   our   official   lodge   crest.   Since   the   re-design   we   have   no   soft   copy   of   the   colored   version of    our    old    crest .    What    we    had    was    a    hardcopy    in    black/white    version    (see    above)    that    appeared    on    our Consecration   programme   of   1949,   colored   version   on   our   large   Lodge   Banner   and   on   the   stainless   steel   dye   on the Lodge Past Master’s Jewel. In   1999   the   Lodge   needed   the   old   crest   for   the   50th   Anniversary   Celebration   programme   and   Wor   Bro   K.E.   Toft undertook   to   scan   the   image   from   our   Consecration   programme,   expanded   it,   reconstructed   it   pixel   by   pixel   and re-established   the   crest   to   its   original   splendour.   It   was   then   used   as   the   crest   on   our   50th   Anniversary programme as show in green (see above). Since   then   we   could   not   trace   the   soft   copy   of   our   old   crest    re-constructed   by   Wor   Bro   K.E.   Toft   to   be   used   in our   website.   The   Lodge   once   again   in   2013   commissioned   Bro   Kish   Ranai   Past   Master   of   Lodge   St   Andrew 2008/2009   to   re-create   the   old   crest    in   full   color   deriving   the   colors   back   from   the   current   colored   crest   and   the Lodge Banner (see above next to the current crest).
Lodge St Andrew’s Crest Learn all the lessons the Craft can teach you; veiled in allegory they may be, but look around, there are the  symbols to illustrate the story. Do NOT be content to be merely a member of a Lodge - be a MASON!