Lodge St Andrew No: 1437 S.C.  Singapore
Regular Lodge Meeting: 3rd Monday of each month - Dress Code Black Tie Formal - Tyle @ 6:30pm
Lodge St Andrew’s By-Laws ...feast your eyes  on the lodge by-laws.. laddie...! Version Date: 12th September 2002
1 . Lodge     St.    Andrew,     No.      1437    (hereinafter     referred     to     as     'the Lodge')      shall    be   governed    by    the    Constitution    and    Laws    of    the   Grand    Lodge    of    Scotl a nd    and    by these   Bye-Law. Meetings 2 . All      meetings       shall      be      held      within      Freemasons'       Hall,      23A     Coleman    Stree t , Singapore    179806 . 3 . The   Regular     Meeti n gs     shall     be     held     on     the     third     Monday     of   each    month    at    six­ thirty    o'clock      p.m .,    or    at    such    other    hour   as    the    Lodge    at    a    previous    Regular  Meeting   may    appoint. 4 . The     Annual      Meeti n g     shall     be     the      Regular      Mee t ing     on     the   third      Monday        in    October.     At    that     mee t ing     the     Abstract     of   Accounts      and     Ba l ance      Sheet      shall     be    considered     and     the   nomination     and     election      of      Offic e -bearers,      mem b ers      of    the General    Committee    and   members     of    the    Committee    of    Enquiry   shall   take   plac e . 5 . The     Installation     of     Office-bearers     for    the     ensuing     year     shall   take     place      at     the    Regular     Meeting     on     the     third     Monday     in   November. 6 . All      meetings      shall      be      convened      by      circ u lar      del i vered       or     posted      to      every   Qualified    Member    at    le a st    five    days    prior    to    the   meeting. 7 . The      Offic e -bearers      of      the      Lodge      shall      be      the      Master,   Immediate      Past      Master,    Depute      Master,      Substitu t e      Master, Senior     Warden,     Junior     Warden,     Secretary,   Treasurer,   Almoner,   Director    of    Cere m onies,    Chaplai n ,    Senior    Deacon,    Junior   Deacon, Bible-bearer,    Assistant     Secretary,              Assistant               Treasurer,            Assistant   Director    of    Ceremonies,     Organist,    Piper,    Inner    Guard,   President    of    Stewards, a maximum   of   six    Stewards    and    Tyler. 8 . The     Master     at     his     Installation     shall     appoint     his     Depute     and   Substitute      Masters.     All     other          Office-bearers          except      the       Imme d iate    Past    Master    shall    be    ele c ted annually   by   the    Lodge. 9 . Any   Office-bearer,   the      Mast e r       and      Immediate         Past      Master     excepted,         absenting   himself         from         three         Regular         Meetings           of      the      Lodge         consecutively            shall         be   communicated            with        by      the      Secre t ary         and      should         no      reason         for      his      absence satisfactory         to    the      Lodge      be    given,      the      Lodge      may    declare     the    office      vacant      and   elect    another      Brother      to    it,    as    provided        for    in    Law    139. 1 0 . The      Secretary,    Treasurer         and      Tyler        shall      receive        such   remuner a tion     as    the    Lodge at    its    Annual    Meeting    shall    decide. Committees 1 1 . The      General         Committee          shall      consist      of      the      Master,         all     Past        Masters,            Depute    Mast e r,     Substitute     Master,     Senior Warden,    Junior    Warden,    Secretary,    Treasurer, Almoner,            Director           of         Ceremonies               and         Assistant            Secretary,      all         ex-officiis, together          with       two         elective          members.            All       Qualified        Members         of      the      Lodge   including      Office-bearers         are    eligible     for    election. 1 2 . There            shall         be         a         Benevolent   Sub-Committee    appointed           by         the         General   Committee   from      their      number,   of      which      the     Master,         Immediate         Past      Maste r ,   Secretary,   Treasurer,            and     Almoner            shall        be        members.       The        duty        of        the        Sub­ Commit t ee         shall      be      to      investigate         the      cases      of    applicants        for    benevolence     and make    recommendations. 1 3 . The    membership         of    the      Committee         of    Enquiry       shall    be    as   specified    in    Law    150. Fees 1 4 . The     fees     exigible        by     the     Lodge        shall     be     as     follows,      namely: a . Initiation Fee $1200.00 b . Affiliation Fee $ 400.00 c . Fee for the Mark $ 200.00 d . In      terms         of      Law         173      each         Initiate         and      each     Affiliate    from    another    Constitution                        shall                  make               a            direct   contribution         to      the      General        Fund      of      Grand      Lodge.      The   amount         of      this     contribution          which         is      payable         through   the     Lodge,         is      set      forth       in      the      First       Schedule        Item    16, being  presently  £50 e . The      Annual      Contribution         (Test      Fee)      shall      be   payable      in   advance      on    or    before      1 st    November     and    shall    be $50.00 Provided that - i . Any     member       who     has     ceased      to    reside      within      the   area     covered      by    the      District   Grand      Lodge      of    the   Middle         East     shall      be      entit l ed         to      become         a      non­   Resident   Member                     and  pay  an  Annual Contribution     of  $50.00 i i . Qualified     Members     who   have    paid   their    Annual   Contribution           for      twenty-one      consecutive   years    shall     be     exempt      from   further    contributions. i i i . Any      Qualified      Member      may      commute      his      Annual Contribution  by    a    payment    of  $750.00 i v . Every         member            except         non-Resident      Members   shall         pay        an   Annual   Levy      in      addition         to       and   payable   on   the   same date   as   the   Annual   Contribution.   The   Annual   Levy   shall   be      $400.00 v . The     Fee     for     each     Demit,     Clearance     Certificate     or Resignation Certificate  shall be $50.00 v i . Any   member      who   has   resigned   and   is   re-admitted   shay   pay   a Rejoining Fee of  $200.00 v i i . The         payment         required   to      restore         a      Brother         in   an-ears     of      his      Annual   Contribution      to      qualified   membership      shall      be     the      smal l er         of      (a)     the      full   amount      of    arrears    or    (b)    the   Annual      Contribution   for       the   current         year         and         the      two        immediately preceding    years. Commutation Fees Fund 1 5 . The     sum     to     be     withdrawn         annually       from     the     Commutation        Fees    Fund      in    terms      of   Law      127    shall      be      10%    of    the      amount     of    the    Fund    at    the    close    of    the  Financial Year. Benevolent Fund 1 6 . The      Benevolent   Fund       shall      receive      one-fifth      of    each    Annual     Contribution,    and      a    like      proportion    of      the      sum      withdrawn          annually    from    the    Commutati o    fees    Fund. 1 7 . The      Master      may      give      casual      relief      at    his      discretion         but    in    no     case    shall  the    sum given    to    any    individual   exceed    $500.00 . Accounts 1 8 . The   Financial   Year    shall    end on   the    3 st    August   annually. 1 9 . An      auditor     having      the      qual i fications      specified      in      the      Fifth   Schedule    of    the    Laws   shall    be    appointed    at    the    Annual    Meeting.   He     should     complete     his     audit     and   report    not    lat e r    than    seven   days    prior    to   the   Annual    Meeting. 2 0 . Copies      of   the     Abstract      of      Accounts      and      Balance      Sheet       with     the      Auditor's   Certificate    shall   be    sent    to    every    Qualif i ed    Member   with    the    circular    convening the   Annual   Meeting. Ballot 2 1 . In    all   Ball o ts    for   membership    two    black   balls    shall   exclude.
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