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Welcome Welcome   to   Lodge   St   Andrew   No   1437   S.C.   We   are   happy   to invite   you   to   visit   our   website.   We   hope   you   find   it   useful   as well   as      helpful   in   your   Masonic   journey.   For   non   masons   we hope      this   site   opens   doors   allowing   you      to   appreciate      the place   of      Freemasonry   in   society   and   spur   you   to   find   out more   on   how   to   be   part   of   this   esteem   lodge.   We   look   forward to   hearing   from   you,   by   either   visiting   our   lodge   through   the email   system   available.   The   Worshipful   Master,   Past   Masters, Officers   and   Brethren   hope   that   you   find   our   site   interesting and informative. Freemasonry    is    one    of    the    world’s    oldest    and    largest    non- religious,   non-political,   fraternal   and   charitable   organisation.   It teaches   self-knowledge   through   participation   in   a   progression of    ceremonies.    Members    are    expected    to    be    of    high    moral standing     and     are     encouraged     to     speak     openly     about Freemasonry. To   be   concerned   for   those   in   need   is   an   essential   quality   of   a   Freemason’s   way of    life.    For    centuries    Freemasons    have    given    to    those    needing    assistance. Freemasonry   is   old.   It   was   first   organised   in   England   in   the   early   17th   century (but   its   origins   go   back   much   further)   when   ‘charity’   was   the   term   for   acts   of giving to those who had little. Today   Freemasons   still   practice   this   virtue   and   ‘charity’   is   still the    name    we    use    to    describe    our    support    for    the    many programmes of assistance we operate in the community. The   secrets   of   Freemasonry   are   concerned   with   its   traditional modes    of    recognition.    It    is    not    a    secret    society,    since    all members   are   free   to   acknowledge   their   membership   and   will do   so   in   response   to   enquiries   for   respectable   reasons.   Its constitutions   and   rules   are   available   to   the   public.   There   is   no secret   about   any   of   its   aims   and   principles.   Like   many   other societies,    it    regards    some    of    its    internal    affairs    as    private matters for its members. A   Freemason   is   encouraged   to   do   his   duty   first   to   his   God   (by whatever   name   he   is   known)   through   his   faith   and   religious practice;   and   then,   without   detriment   to   his   family   and   those dependent    on    him,    to    his    neighbour    through    charity    and service. None   of   these   ideas   is   exclusively   Masonic,   but   all   should   be universally    acceptable,    and    Freemasons    are    expected    to follow them. We   hope   the   two   videos   on   this   page   will   give   you   an   idea   of   what   freemanson is all about and its true meaninging and purpose in society. Yours Fraternally RWM Bro Devakumar S. Nair Lodge St Andrew No 1437 S.C. Singapore - 2016/2017
Lodge Update-2 Allocation of Floor Work The   next   degree   we   will   be   working   is   the   First   Degree    and   the   allocation   work   for   this degree   is   as   shown   in   this   link   -   Allocation   of   Work.    Those   who   are   allocated   floor   work are   srtrongly   encouraged   to   attend   the   practice   meeting   on   Thursday ,   13th April   2017    at 6:30pm  Masonic Hall (Small Temple), 23A Coleman Street. Bro Robert Craiu Director of Ceremonies
Lodge Update-3 Regular Harmony. Appreciate   if   Brethern   can   repond   fast   for   the   regular   harmony   menu   choice   and   your attendance for the harmony. This will help us in the logistics and planning. Bro Timothy M. Grant Worshipful Junior Warden                    
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Regular Lodge Meeting: 3rd Monday of each month - Dress Code Black Tie Formal - Tyle @ 6:30pm
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The Clansman Apr 2017 Publication: District Grand Lodge of the Middle East
Freemasonry Today No: 37 - Spring 2017 Publication: United Grand Lodge of England
Provincial Patter Issue 79 - May 2014 Publication: Provincial Grand Lodge of Ross and Cromarty (Scotland)
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Lodge Update-1 Regular Meeting & Practise Meeting. The   next   regular   meeting   will   be   on   the   17th Apr   2017   and   the   practise   meeting   will   be on   the   13th April   2017 . All   bretheren   with   floor   work   allocation   are   strongly   encouraged to   attend   the   practise   meeting   and   also   to   all   LSA   brethren   to   support   by   attending   the regular meeting.    Bro GV Nair Secretary
District Update-1 3rd International Scottish Masonic Conference 2019 The   District   Grand   Lodge   of   the   Middle   East   (DGLME)   will   be   hosting   the   2016   3rd International   Scottish   Masonic   Conference   (ISMC)    on   15th   to   19th   May   2019    at the Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas . Following    the    successful    First   All   Africa    and   Asia    Scottish    Masonic    Conference organized   by   the   District   Grand   Lodge   of   East   Africa   in   Mombasa,   Kenya   in   Februarty   2014,   the Grand    Lodge    has    entrusted    the    District    Grand    Lodge    of    the    Bahamas    to    organize    the    2019 conference in Bahamas. The   scope   of   the   conference   has   also   been   upgraded   to   that   of   an   International   Scottish   Masonic Conference   with   participation   from   Scottish   lodges   from   all   the   countries   under   the   Grand   Lodge   of Scotland. Further   information,   updates   and   registration   forms   may   be   obtained   from ,   District   Grand   Secretary by emailing to dglme.secretarial@gmai.com . Bro Yip Wing Kong WSDGM - Singapore