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Photo Gallery Below   we   provide   links   to   various   events   of   Lodge   St   Andrew   Masonic Calendar. They   are   categorise   by   event   and   year   for   convenience.   Hope   you all enjoy watching them as we did orgianising them. Installation Nights Installation Night Bro Surendran Balakrishnan - 1996/1997 I nstallation Night Bro Yip Wing Kong - 2000/2001 I nstallation Night Bro Kish Ranai - 2008/2009 Installation Night Bro Sanjay Nalachandran - 2009/2010 Installation Night Bro Gopala Subramaniam - 2010/2011 Installation Night Bro Mansoor Hassanbhai - 2011/2012 Installation Night Bro Stuart W.E. McDonald - 2012/2013 Installation Night Bro Manfred Korger - 2013/2014 Installation Night Bro Marcus Wong Thien Chong - 2014/2015 Installation Night Bro Devakumar S. Nair - 2016/2017 Ladies Nights Ladies Night 1974 - Bro Charlie Menon Ladies Night 2000 - Bro Yip Wing Kong Ladies Night 2003 - Bro Quah Soon Tong Ladies Night 2009 - Bro Kish Ranai Ladies Night 2010 - Bro Sanjay Nalachandran Ladies Night 2014 - Bro Manfred Korger Community Service SunLove Home Visitation - 2009 SunLove Home Visitation - 2011 SunLove Home Visitation - 2012 SunLove Home Visitation - 2013 SunLove Home Visitation - 2014 SunLove Home Visitation - 2016 Other Masonic Events PM Bro Charlie Menon’s Nostalgia Visitation   of   RW   Grand   Master   Mason   Bro   Sir   Gregor   MacGregor   to Singapore in 1990 LSA Assortment of Images Annual Communications 2014 - Singapore - Fellowship Evening Annual Communications 2014 - Singapore - Chapter Convocation Annual Communications 2014 - Singapore Annual Communications 2014 - Singapore - Gala Banquet
Regular Lodge Meeting: 3rd Monday of each month - Dress Code Black Tie Formal - Tyle @ 6:30pm
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Thoughts of a Mason’s Wife Author:- Unknown How many wives of Masons have ever given much thought, To the wonderful biblical lessons that Masonry has taught. Have you asked yourself this question, when you sit alone at night? While hubby is away at lodge: is my reasoning straight and right? I know the nights are lonely and long, but this question has come to me, “If my husband weren’t a Mason, what kind of man would he be?” I know nothing of their secret work, but this much I understand, That the lessons taught in Masonry have made a better man. “If my husband weren’t A Mason, what kind of man would he be?” They call us Masonic widows,  I’ve been one for many a year, I’ve spoken my piece on lonely nights, and berated my hubby dear. But, then again, I regret my words, and with wisdom try to see, “If my husband weren’t a Mason, what kind of man would he be?” So I try to be a patient wife, as alone I meditate, And see his point, as he leaves for lodge, with these words, “I won’t be late”. Some say that men make Masonry, and this I understand, But, deep in my heart I still Maintain,  “That Masonry makes the man.” And as we journey the highway together, to the inner things of life, May their teachings go on forever. Sincerely, A Masons Wife.
Thou wilt not leave us in the dust; Thou madest man, he knows not why, He thinks he was not made to die; And Thou hast made him; Thou are just.
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