Lodge St Andrew No: 1437 S.C.  Singapore
Masonic   Hall   at   23A   Coleman   Street   is   located   behind   the   Hill Street   Fire   Station   in   the   Central   Region   of   Singapore.   The Freemasons'   meeting   place   is   used   for   social   activities   and   is also     called     the     Freemasons'     Hall.     Designed     by     Donald McLeod    Craik,    the    Masonic    Hall    was    erected    in    1879    and consecrated in 1886. History: Freemasonry   started   out   in   England   in   the   16th   century   with similar     sister     constitutions     later     set     up     in     Ireland     and Scotland.    The    headquarters    of    the    United    Grand    Lodge    of England    is    in    London.    Masons    meet    monthly    in    "specially designed    buildings"    known    as    Lodges    or    Temples.    Lodge "Zetland   In   The   East"   No.   748,   the   oldest   surviving   lodge   in this   region,   was   set   up   on   8   December   1845.   In   Singapore,   the Masons   had   seven   other   meeting   places   before   the   present Masonic Hall was erected in 1879. Description: The   foundation   stone   of   the   Masonic   Hall   in   Singapore was laid   on   14   April   1879   and   the   building   was   completed   and consecrated   in   1886.   Designed   by   Architect   Donald   McLeod Craik,    the    two-storey    grey    building    once    had    an    imposing gate   of   black   spikes.   For   many   years,   the   locals   called   the building   rumah   hantu ,   meaning   "haunted   house"   in   Malay, as few   knew   of   what   happened   in   this   exclusive   clubhouse   and people   often   thought   "strange   ceremonies" took   place   here. Non-members    are    only    allowed    on    the    ground    floor    where there   is   a   bar,   a   dining   room,   a   billiard   table   and   a   jackpot room.   The   area   upstairs   is   known   to   the   Freemasons   as   the Temple,    and    is    used    for    gatherings    and ceremonies    which have been continuing for more than a hundred years. Freemason Lodges in Singapore: There   are   11   lodges   in   Singapore:   The   Zetland   In   The   East (mother   lodge)   Lodge   No.   508   E.C.,   Lodge   of   St   George   No. 1152    E.C.,    Lodge    St    Michael    No.    2933    E.C.,    Eastern    Gate Lodge   No.   2970,   Lodge   Singapore   (for   men   of   all   races,   colour and   creed)   No.   7178   E.C.,   Stamford   Raffles   Lodge   No.   7444 E.C.,   Horsburgh   Lodge   No.   7533   E.C.   and   Centenary   Lodge No.   7629   E.C.   for   English   Freemasons;   Lodge   Ailsa   No.   1172 and St    Andrew    No.    1437    for    Scottish    Freemasons;    and    St Patrick   No.   765   for   Irish   Freemasons. The   lodges   in   Singapore hold   meetings   at   the   Masonic   Hall   in   Coleman   Street   once   a month   at   different   times.   These   meetings   are   black-tie   affairs and include    the    teaching    of    moral    values    through    two-part plays. Each session lasts about an hour. Entry Requirements: Membership      is      by      invitation      only      and often      entails a committee interviewing   the   prospective   member,   mostly   to ascertain    if he    believes    in    a    Supreme    Being.   The    potential member's   entry   then   depends   on a   secret   vote   done   through the   use   of   black   and   white   balls.   If   the   candidate   is   "black- balled"   twice,   he   is   disqualified   from   joining.   Only   three   or four    new    members    are    said    to    be    initiated    each    year.    In Singapore,   although   there   is   no   minimum   income   criterion   to join, Freemasonry is definitely a "professional outfit". Membership Fees: Members   have   said   the   one-off   entrance   fee   is   around   S$200. Membership    of    the    Masonic    Club,    the    dining    and    social facilities   at   the   Freemasons   Hall   plus   a   free   Saturday   lunch, costs about S$500. Members According   to   a   recently   published   book   by   Lodge   Singapore, current    members    include    a    descendant    of    Eu    Tong    Sen, Joseph    William    Yee    Eu,    the former    judicial    commissioner Michael   Hwang, former   banker   Yeo   Tiam   Siew   and   Singapore Art   Museum   chairman   Earl   Lu.   Other   members   range   from well-heeled     businessmen     and     social     administrators     to lawyers and judges. All members are men.
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Timeline: Dec 1845:- The Lodge "Zetland in the East" No. 748 (now known as "Zetland in the East" Lodge No. 508)       was consecrated in the "Masonic Room" in Armenian Street. Mar 1846:  Lodge Zetland moved to a larger house in High Street. The first Masonic Ball was held here on 25 January 1850. 1st Oct 1853:  Lodge Zetland moved to Masonic Hall in North Bridge Road. 1856:  A Masonic Hall opened on the Esplanade, at Coleman Street corner now the property of City Hall. 1871:  The Masonic Hall at the Esplanade vacated.  10 Mar 1871:  A new Masonic Hall consecrated at 15 Beach Road 1873:   10 Beach Road was the next meeting location. 1875:  The next move was to 59 Hill Street. 1879:  The Masonic Hall in Coleman Street was built. 1886:  The Masonic Hall was consecrated. Today: Presently there are more than 400 members in the 11 Lodges here.
Article published in 1998 by National Library’s SingaporeInfopedia, an electronic encyclopedia on Singapore’s history, culture, people and events. By Vernon Cornelius-Takahama Freemasonry & Freemason Hall in Singapore
The Building Code Author:- Montford C Holley Our ancient brethren used their tools With confidence and skill; Though centuries have passed away, Their works are standing still; With admiration and with awe, Our hearts and souls they thrill. They called in Wisdom to conceive And execute the plan; Then Strength to make the structure sure When first the work began; Then Beauty to adorn and make A monument to man: So we, who build in later days, Still use the self-same tools, Still follow through the Master-Plan, Still use the self-same rules, Still work with diligence and skill, As did the Ancient Schools; Would use the Plumb for rectitude As day by day goes by, The Level to remind us all That we must lowly be, That right and true our work may prove When we the Square apply; No longer work with wood and stone, But rather, with the mind We would erect a dwelling-place Wherein our souls may find A quiet and a holy rest At peace with all mankind; And so, as we continually build These dwellings for the soul, Would work with Wisdom and with Strength, Perchance to reach the goal; Then crown our work with Beauty rare To make the perfect whole
Regular Lodge Meeting: 3rd Monday of each month - Dress Code Black Tie Formal - Tyle @ 6:30pm
Freemasonry  in  Singapore Sir Stamford Raffles - Freemason God in man, the soul of man a Cradle of  the Eternal Love - what higher truth has man ever dreamed! For here, in truth is the basis and prophecy of brotherhood.