Lodge St Andrew No: 1437 S.C.  Singapore
Address: The Lodge of St Andrews 1437 S.C. Freemason's Hall 23A Coleman Street Singapore  179806 Email: Secretary: seclsa1437@gmail.com Visiting Brethren Any   visiting   brother   needs   his   Grand   Lodge   Certificate   and   he   will be proved. We   meet   every   3rd   Monday   of   the   month.   Tyling   is   at   6:30   pm. Dress is Formal Black Tie. Please contact our Lodge Secretary at: seclsa1437@gmail.com Directions: Taxi Taxi   tip:   If   the   taxi   driver   doesn't   know   where   the   Freemason   Hall is,   tell   him/her   it's   next   to   the   Central   Fire   Station   on   Hill   Street near Fort Canning Park. MRT The closest MRT station is City Hall Interchange. Bus The   closest   bus   stop   is   on   Hill   Street   and   the   bus   stop   to   get   off is    infront    of    the   Armenian    Church    (Bus    Stop    id:    04142).       The Masonic   Hall   on   Colemen   Street   is   about   3   mins   walk   towards   the Fire   Station   from   this   bus   stop.   The   following   buses   stop   at   this bus stop. SBS Bus No(s) 2, 12, 32, 33, 51, 61, 63, 80, and 197
Regular Lodge Meeting: 3rd Monday of each month - Dress Code Black Tie Formal - Tyle @ 6:30pm
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Freemasonry as an institution promises nothing -  absolutely nothing -but she returns with interest  - compound intrest - all that we commit to her care.  What do YOU expect to get OUT of Freemsaonry? What are YOU putting IN?