Lodge St Andrew No: 1437 S.C.  Singapore
The   tenet   of   Brotherly   love   and   relief   is   very   much   entrenched   in   our Craft   and   holds   high   as   one   of   the   important   virtues   that   masons need   to   aspire   during   our   course   of   our   journey   in   Freemasonry. During    our    lives    we    accept    the    help    rendered    to    us    by    many thousands.   We   have   to   pay   back   this   debt   by   helping   as   many   people as    we    can.   The    primary    requisite    is    a    genuine    spirit    of    love    and fellow-feeling.   When   you   get   a   chance   to   help   someone,   rejoice   at your good fortune.  Bro    J    Q    Goss    rightly    describe    below    this    aspect    of    a    Mason’s journey.     Masonic     charity     is     not     limited     to     simple     gifts     and contributions   of      money   or   other   tangible   material   of   worldly   goods, although    these,    when    necessary    are    right    and    proper,    and    are included within the term of charity….  True   charity   extends   to   all   the   wants   of   the   great   brotherhood   of   man.     Have   the   cold   and   pitiless   storms   of   a   selfish,   unfeeling   world   beat upon    the    heart,    charity    throws    around    it    her    broad    mantle    of brotherly   love   and   affection,   which   warms   and   infuses   into   its   whole being   new   life   and   animation,   and   as   the   genial   showers   and   summer sun   cause   the   face   of   nature   to   smile   and   look   glad,   so   the   drops   of genial    affection    and    the    rays    of    brotherly    love,    beaming    from    its benign   countenance   of   one   whose   heart   is   prompted   by   the   honest impulses   of   genuine   charity,   cause   the   soul   of   the   recipient   thereof   to overflow with gratitude and joy … The   true   Mason   is   continually   seeking   opportunities   for   the   exercise of     those     virtues—the     principles     of     Brotherly     Love,     Relief     and Truth—of    Faith,    Hope    and    Charity….    He    knows    his    duties,    and knowing   seeks   to   reduce   them   to   practice;   for   with   him   Masonry   is   a living reality and not theory alone.  It   is   the   practice   of   those   virtues   that   he   delights   for   he   has   learned that    in    doing    good    there    is    much    joy.        Is    a    brother    afflicted    and distressed,    his    hand    is    ever    ready    to    aid    and    assist    him,    and    to relieve his wants and necessities.   The   blessed   influences   of   brotherly   love   and   charity—twin   daughters of   Heaven—prompt   him   to   those   noble   deeds   of   benevolence   which give joy and gladness to many a weary, sad and sorrowing heart…. This   is   the   charity   which   envieth   not   another   and   which   puffeth   not itself,    which    is    kind    and    forbearing,    full    of    long-suffering,    and goodness and truth. SunLove Home Lodge    St   Andrew    has    adopted    the    SunLove    Home    as    our    annual community    service    project.    This    project    was    started    in    2009    and since   then   we   have   been   visiting   this   home   for   the   diabled   once   a year.   The   event   has   been   well   supported   by   Brethren   and   their   family members and also friends of the lodge. Sunlove      Home      is      a charitable   Home   for   the   They      shelter,      protect and      care      for      those entrusted   to   them.   They are          committed          to improving   and   providing a     level     of     care     that endears     the     universal Human     Values     for     the less    fortunate.    Sunlove Home         initiate         and participate                        in   projects          that          are charitable.    At    the    heart of   their   mission   is   love   and   respect   for   all   persons   and   kindness   to every   living   thing. Their   vision   and   mission   values   are   Love All,   Serve All regardless of ethnicity, religion, social status and health.  
Contribution from our monthly Regular Meetings are donated to the following organisations Ramakrishnan Mission Boys Home St Andrew’s Mission Hospital Singapore Children’s Society Society for the Physically Disabled Down Syndrome Association The Assisi Home & Hospice Dover Park Hospice Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Japan & Christchurch Disaster Relief Muhammadiyah Welfare Home Kidney Dialysis Foundation Ltd Home Nursing Foundation The Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls The Singapore Cancer Society Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital Club Rainbow (Singapore) Handicaps Welfare Association      Touch Community Services Ltd Sunlove Abode for Intellectually/Infirmed Ltd The       Spastic       Children's       Association       of Singapore
Charity Author:- Unknown Let me be a little kinder; Let me be a little blinder To the faults of those about me; Let me praise a little more. Let me be, when I am weary, Just a little bit more cheery; Let me serve a little better Those I am striving for. Let me be a little braver When temptation bids me waver; Let me strive a little harder To all I should be. Let me be a little meeker With a brother who is weaker; Let me think more of my neighbor, And a little less of me.
Regular Lodge Meeting: 3rd Monday of each month - Dress Code Black Tie Formal - Tyle @ 6:30pm
Masonic Charity (Community Service) The greatness, power and reality of our Brotherhood is that we are bound together in the service of God, and humanity, and its charity is not confined to giving  aid to the needy and distressed, but embraces the broader  view of exemplifying  the true fraternal duties and obligations  man owes to man
Masonic Charity