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Regular Lodge Meeting: 3rd Monday of each month - Dress Code Black Tie Formal - Tyle @ 6:30pm
Lodge St Andrew’s  Charter  Office Bearers 1949
Right Worshipful Master       Bro. H.C. Faxon Dep. D.G.M., Hon. G.J.D. Worshipful Senior Warden      Bro. G.R. Nesbit Worshipful Junior Warden      Bro. L.A. Maclachlan Secretary           Bro. F.S. Rickard Asst. D.G.Sec. Treasurer           Bro. W. Inglis  Chaplain           Bro. M.C. Macleod P.D.G.W Bible-Bearer          Bro. A. Furguson Senior Deacon         Bro. R.V. Meyer Junior Deacon         Bro. G.H.G. Barber Director of Ceremonies       Bro. J.H.M. Summers P.D.G.W. Organist           Bro. P.L. Barclay P.D.G.W, Hon. G.J.D. Inner Guard          Bro. A. Rhind Senior Steward Bro. R.B. Craggs Junior Steward Bro. W.C. Bainbridge Tyler            Bro. A.J. Onderwyzer                                                      Installing Master                                                   Bro E.V.C. Thomson                       Right Worshipful District Grand Master of the Middle East
Charter Office Bearers 1949
Lodge St. Andrew No. 1437 S.C. Holding of the Grand Lodge of Antient, Free and Accepted  Masons of Scotland
        Charter RWM Bro Harold Cushing Faxon
The trees could not stand together unless they were firmly rooted to the ground,  and similarly it is with the members of the lodge.  They cannot stand together unless they are mentally and physically rooted  in what is under the surface of Freemasonry.