Lodge St Andrew No: 1437 S.C.  Singapore
Regular Lodge Meeting: 3rd Monday of each month - Dress Code Black Tie Formal - Tyle @ 6:30pm
Lodge St Andrew’s  Consecration 1949
Lodge St Andrew’s Ceremony of Consecration 18th June 1949
Ceremony of Consecration A   special   Communication   of   the   District   Grand   Lodge   of   the   Middle   East   was   held   for the purpose of consecrating Lodge St Andrew No. 1437 SC on 18th June 1949 . Bro   Harod   Cushing   Faxon,   Charter   Right   Worshipful   Master    was installed   by   the   Right   Worshipful   District   Grand   Master   of   the Middle East Bro E.V.C. Thomson. The    office-bearers    who    were    present    were    then    invested.    The names   of   6   possible   candidates   for   initiation   were   proposed,   5 possible    affiliates    and    a    request    to    confer    FC,    MM    and    Mark Degree    to    Bro    L.M.    Popplestone.    One    hundred    and    thirty    one Brethren signed the attendance Register.
Below is image copy of the Ceremony of Consecration of Lodge St Andrew No. 1437 SC
The above article and research was done by Bro Shum Siew Khoon as part of Lodge St Andrew’s 50th Anniversary Celebaration in 1999.
Lodge Actvities Immediately After Consecration There   was   no   workings   in   the   1st   Regular   Meeting    held   on   14th   July   1949 .   It   was recorded   that   Bro   F.S.   Rickard   the   pro-tem   Secretary   was   transferred   on   promotion   and Bro   J.B.   Marsh   took   over   as   Secretary.   Ballot   was   taken   for   the   4   initiates   and   5   affiliates proposed during the Consecration. During   the   2nd   Regular   Meeting    held   on   15th   August   1949 ,   Mr   K.E.   Meyer    became   the first candidate who ws initiated. There were 6 further petitions for initiation. An   Emergency   Meeting    was   held   on 6th   September   1949   for   the   initiation of Mr G. William At   the   3rd   Regular   Meeting    on   19th September    1949 ,    Mr    E.    Moule     was initiated.    Petition    was    received    for another 2 initiates. The    4th    Regular    Meeting     held    on 17th   October   1949    was   an   Election Meeting.   Bro   K.E.   Meyer   and   Bro   E. Moule     were     passed     to     the     2nd Degree   and   they   became   the   first   2   fellow   crafts   of   the   Lodge.   Six   candidates   were balloted   for   initiation   and   theer   were   2   petitions   for   initiation   received.   Bro   H.C.   Faxon, as   outgoing   Master,   expressed   the   hope   that   the   ‘Dieu   Garde”   introduced   during   his year would be observed in the Lodge. The   summary   of   activities   of   the   Ldge   before   teh   installation   of   its   regularly   elected Installed Master was as follows:- Regular Meetings 4 Emergency Meeting 1 Initiations 4 Passing 2 The   1st   Regular   Installation    of   the   Lodge   was   held   on   Monday,   21st   November   1949.   Bro George   Rae   Nesbit    was   installed   as   the   first   regularly   elected   Right   Worshipful   Master of the Lodge by Charter Master Bro H.C. Faxon. Bro   Nesbit   appointed   Bro   V.N.   Wade   as   his   Worshipful   Depute   Master   and   Bro   J.M.A Lowson became his Worshipful Substitute Master. Many   Lodge   members   contributed   furniture   and   artifacts   to   the   Lodge   that   is   still   being used this day during Regular meetings of the Lodge. Among these were:- Lodge Volume of the Sacred Law by Bro J.C. McLeod Lodge Banner  by Bro A.J. Onderwyzer Lodge Altar by Bro H.C. Faxon, Bro G.R. Nesbit, Bro McEwan and Bro Reid Lodge Working Tools by Bro William T. MacDonald Lodge Gavels  by Bro G.R. Watt
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