Lodge St Andrew No: 1437 S.C.  Singapore
Regular Lodge Meeting: 3rd Monday of each month - Dress Code Black Tie Formal - Tyle @ 6:30pm
Lodge’s Floor Work Allocations
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Surely no Mason ever forgets the moment when he is placed in the North East Corner of the Lodge, and hears the Master say that he there stands a just and upright Mason. A thrill of joy is felt in the Lodge, not only by the initiate but by the Master and the Brethren, as if a son had been  born, or a new friend found. Regular  Meeting:  		Monday:		17th April, 2017 Time:				6.30p.m. Practice Meeting:		Thursday:	13th April 2017               Time:				6.30p.m.   Candidate(s): One of the following:-   Mr  Steven Anthony Kaye and  Mr  Antonio Orsini Margarit                        FIRST DEGREE ALLOCATION OF WORK   OBLIGATION:				RWM SIGNS & SECRETS:			RWM  APRON:					Bro Randall Lee / Bro  Karl Villegas  DANGERS:				Bro Chris Audu / Bro Tan Boon  Choo  NORTH EAST CORNER:		Part 1: Bro Jason C P Lim  Bro Michael Dacanay                                                       Part 2: Dominik Becker / Bro Ian Porteous WORKING TOOLS:			Bro Timothy Grant / Bro Brent Allcock  3 PILLARS:			         Bro Berry Matthes / Bro Benjamin Choo CONSTITUTION & LAWS:		Bro Michael Dacanay / Bro G Vijayan Nair  CHARGE:					Bro Marcus T C Wong / Bro Yip Wing Kong    All Brethren of Lodge St Andrew are reminded that Practice Meetings are held every Thursday preceding the third Monday of the month in the small Temple at 6.30pm and they should endeavour to attend.  Their progress in Masonry is likely to be governed by the regularity of their attendance at these Meetings.   If  they are unable to carry out the allocated work, kindly inform the undersigned or Asst D of C, Bro Stuart McDonald at HP: 9679 2671 immediately so as not to create unnecessary stress on other brethren who will, at the last minute, be called upon to do the work for them.  If no call is received, it will be assumed that the work is accepted and that YOU will be present at the Practice and Regular Meetings.   Brethren are expected to memorize their allocated work and not leave it to the others as last-minute absence can be expected.  There are no standbys as such since all who are allocated work rank pari passu and should be prepared to deliver their allocated work.      Yours Faithfully & Fraternally,   Bro Robert Craiu Director of Ceremonies Tel:  9643 8907 Allocation of Floor Work First Degree Workings Lodge St. Andrew No. 1437 S.C. Holding of the Grand Lodge of Antient, Free and Accepted  Masons of Scotland