Lodge St Andrew No: 1437 S.C.  Singapore
Introduction Freemasonry   is   one   of   the   world's   oldest   secular   fraternal   societies and which originated in Scotland. Below   we   explain   Freemasonry   as   it   exists   under   the   Grand   Lodge   of Scotland    which    is    the    corporate    body    governing    Freemasonry    in Scotland    and    Scottish    Masonic    Lodges    in    many    other    parts    of    the world. The explanation may correct some misconceptions. Freemasonry   is   a   society   of   men   concerned   with   moral   and   spiritual values.    Its    members    are    taught    its    precepts    by    a    series    of    ritual dramas. These     remain     substantially     the     same     form     used     in     Scottish stonemasons    lodges,    and    use    Scottish    stonemasons'    customs    and tools as allegorical guides. The Essential Qualification for Membership The     essential     qualification     for     admission     into     and     continuing membership   is   a   belief   in   a   Supreme   Being.   Membership   is   open   to men   of   any   race   or   religion   who   can   fulfil   this   essential   qualification and who are of good repute. Freemasonry and Religion Freemasonry   is   not   a   religion,   nor   is   it   a   substitute   for   religion. The   one essential   qualification   means   that   Freemasonry   is   open   to   men   of   many religions   and   it   expects   and   encourages   them   to   continue   to   follow their   own   faith.   It   is   not   permitted   for   Freemasons   to   discuss   religion   at Masonic meetings. The Three Great Principles For many years Freemasons have followed three great principles: Brotherly   Love   -   Every   true   Freemason   will   show tolerance   and   respect   for   the   opinions   of   others   and behave    with    kindness    and    understanding    to    his fellow creatures. Relief    -   Freemasons   are   taught   to   practise   charity and   to   care   -   not   only   for   their   own   -   but   also   for   the community    as    a    whole,    both    by    charitable    giving and by voluntary efforts and works as individuals. Truth   -   Freemasons   strive   for   truth,   requiring   high moral   standards   and   aiming   to   achieve   them   in   their own   lives.   Freemasons   believe   that   these   principles represent   a   way   of   achieving   higher   standards   in life. A   Freemason   is   encouraged   to   do   his   duty   first   to   his   God (by   whatever   name   he   is   known)   through   his   faith   and religious    practice;    and    then,    without    detriment    to    his family    and    those    dependent    on    him,    to    his    neighbour through    charity    and    service.    None    of    these    ideas    is exclusively     Masonic,     but     all     should     be     universally acceptable. Freemasons are expected to follow them. Charity Charity is a large part of a Freemason's life It   is   one   of   the   three   basic   guiding   principals   taught   to Freemasons   which   are:   Brotherly   Love,   Relief   and   Truth. Relief    is    the    word    Freemasons    use    for    charity.    To    the Freemason   relief   (charity)   is   not   just   putting   money   in   a collecting tin - it is much more than that. Charity   in   its   widest   sense   is   about   relationships   between people,   how   they   treat   each   other,   the   need   to   respect one    another    and    tolerance    of    the    differences    between people.    Practical    assistance    such    as    giving    money    is important     but     it     is     a     charitable     attitude     which     is paramount   and   it   is   this   that   Freemasons   are   taught   in their Lodges.
What is Freemasonry? In the home, it’s Kindness, In society, it’s Courtesy, In business, it’s Honesty, In work, it’s Fairness, Towards the unfortunate, it’s Pity, Towards the wicked, it’s Resistance, Towards the weak, it’s Help, Towards the strong, it’s Trust, Towards the penitent, it’s Forgiveness, Towards the fortunate, it’s Congratulations, Towards God, it’s Reverence and Love This is Freemasonry
Regular Lodge Meeting: 3rd Monday of each month - Dress Code Black Tie Formal - Tyle @ 6:30pm
What is Freemasonry? Freemasonry is an Institution, but it is more a theory or philosophy of life.  It is what is in the heart,  not always what the tongue proclaims